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In-School Residencies

Arts Enhancement

and Arts Integration Programs

Funding available through the Arkansas Arts Council


Available: Through August 1, 2022:   Funding is available on a first come/first served basis

Location: Your School

Duration:  1-5 Days

Grade Level:  5-12 grades


* Word/Play (Playwriting)  (5 days)
TheatreSquared teaching artists will lead students through a variety of exercises designed to improve expression through creative writing as well as address the core standards of the literacy curriculum.  This residency will culminate in the creation of short plays that students will perform on the final day.  This residency can be modified to address advanced English students, regular classrooms or students with literacy challenges.  Ideal for English and Theatre Classes.

* Shakespeare for Non-Shakespearians  (3-5 days)
We can teach a full play to your students in 3 days!  We'll look at hands-on exercises that explore characters, theme & plot of one of Shakespeare's plays.  Titles that are currently available are:  The Tempest, Hamlet, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing & Macbeth.  We're also happy to prepare an alternate title that you are currently using in your curriculum.  Ideal for English Classes.


*Overcoming Stage Fright (1 day)

This short workshop introduces practical strategies for overcoming stage fright - the first and sometimes debilitating obstacle for many young performers.  The strategies focus on behavioral therapy, breathing techniques and positive thinking.  Ideal for Oral Communications and Theatre Classes.


* Beginning Acting Intensive (1-5 days)

Students will be led through basic exercises that help students learn a comprehensive approach to building a character.  Emphasis will be put on character analysis, partnering, and the psychophysical approach to fully discovering Objective/ Obstacle/Tactic.  Ideal for Theatre Classes


*Comedy Improvisation (1-5 days)

This high-demand offering is a student favorite.  Participants will be led through exercises designed to increase teamwork, listening skills, creativity, and risk-taking.  Variations of this workshop can be prepared for inexperienced performers or for advanced skill performers.   Ideal for Theatre Classes

* Theatrical Makeup Design (1-5 days)
Students will be introduced to a design emphasis specific process and technique.  This residency could require additional materials to be provided by the school.  Ideal for Theatre Classes


*Voice and Movement (1-5 days)

Students will be led through vocal and movement work that can be integrated into their actor fitness and warm up routines.  Our teaching artist can build a workshop using basic techniques or a more advanced workshop introducing the Viewpoints technique vocabulary.  Ideal for Theatre Classes


*Choreography (3-5 days)

Our teaching artist can work with your group to teach sample combinations that might be used in auditions OR you can bring them in as a consultant on a project.  In that capacity, they could teach your students choreography that could be incorporated in a musical production.   Ideal for Theatre Classes and Productions in rehearsal. 

Residency Application
Preferred Duration of Residency

We'll contact you shorty to discuss planning your residency!

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