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Stage Fright Lesson Plan

Word Play 10 Day Curriculum 

Testing Testing 123 Curriculum 

Punctuation Dance

Intro To Shakes 

Submitted by Jess Kropp, Mena High School

Puppetry Project

Submitted by Gloria Poorman, Rogers Heritage High School

Devising Lesson Plan

Submitted by Erika Wilhite

Scenery on a Budget

Submitted by Drew Posey, 

Pulaski Academy

5-Day Rehearsal Packet/Checklists

Empathy Lesson

Submitted by Laurie Harrison

Introductory Improv Lesson

Submitted by Tiffanie Jones and Michael Schwartz

Theatre Therapy Thursday Lesson

Submitted by Matt Peoples and Sarah Haman

Theatre Tech - Spectacle and Sound Lesson

Submitted by Graci Johnson

Great ArtWork Costume Lesson Plan

Submitted by Samanthe Burrow

Theatre Tech - Virtual Lighting and Sound Design Project 

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